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Hi There

My name is Michael Chandler, and I am a photographer.

I currently live in Salt Lake City, UT and I shoot wherever I go. I’ve been shooting professionally for seven years. I started out shooting high school basketball, and have been expanding ever since.

Most of the stuff you’ll see here includes (BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO): portraiture (candids, families, kids, high school seniors, couples, pets, and anyone else who wants pictures of themselves), landscapes, automotive (both action like racing, and stills like you’d see in a magazine feature), skateboarding, product shots (speaking of which, I’ll help you sell stuff on ebay) and other stuff that I think is cool and that you’d like.

You might notice that some of the automotive photos have CAMautoMag on them.  And theres a reason for that: CAM is a site that I co-founded with my friend Trent.  About 90% of the automotive stuff I do is for CAM, so get ready to see a lot of logos.

Pricing and contact info can be found on the about me page.  Thanks for looking!

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