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Coffee Shop Candids

Most of the time when I hang out with my friends a camera comes out.  Most of the time it’s an iphone, but if I have my DSLR with me I can and WILL bust that sucker out.  What you see here are the results of me breaking out the big guns.

And that smirking fellow in the first photo?  His name is John.  He’s an aspiring actor, comedian and (just like the rest of us) crazy.

He went off on a couple rants that day.  Here he is in the middle of one.  He’s a loathsome,  offensive brute, and yet you can’t look away.

Seductive John, face number 1

He wasn’t the only person there, oh no!  There was a girl named Ally

And…  This guy.  For the life of me I can’t remember his name, but he borrowed my camera and actually fired off some cool shots.

Also, as John said “Even just derping around you look like Jake Gyllenhaal!”

Do you see those people in the background?  Yeah, they were listening to techno and playing with a hula hoop.  The girl in the dress saw my camera, came over and asked if I got any photos of them (I didn’t), then asked if I took pictures of clouds.  I said sometimes, and she said I should do it now.  So I did.

And that was that.


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