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Hawaii Trip part 1

So a few weeks ago I went to Hawaii.  It was a rather hastily planned trip, but such is life when you’re young.  I brought my camera body, two lenses and a flash, some extra memory cards, batteries and a battery charger.  I ended up with over 1200 photos, a wicked sunburn and an empty wallet.  Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat.  Would I do it differently?  You bet.  I would stay longer and budget more money for the trip.  Anyway, here’s the first of five posts this week about the trip.

I stayed on Hawaii, the big island, because I went down there to see someone and they were staying on the big island.  The first day wasn’t really a true day: I landed at noon, and had been up at that point for about 28 hours.  I picked up my friend, we got food then I checked in and passed out.  The next day we walked around the main drag of Kona

This guy was standing on the sea wall fishing.  That day was the only day I saw anyone doing that.  Rather glad I shot this.

This is the gate in front of the oldest church in Hawaii.  In front of that gate is a pretty girl taking a picture with her iphone.  This church makes a few more appearances, the girl doesn’t.

After wandering around for a bit longer we grabbed lunch.  There she showed me some of the sunset photos she shot with her phone.  I was impressed and wanted to get some of my own.

(Quick aside: this trip and our conversations were the genesis of this website and professional endeavor.  It’s safe to say that if it weren’t for this spur of the moment trip we wouldn’t be here right now.)

I went looking for places to get my sunset photos after we went our separate ways.  I walked down a little alleyway by my hotel and found shoreline access.  I think I walked through someone’s yard to get to this little, rocky out cropping but the people didn’t seem to mind.  The sun wasn’t quite setting, so I settled for some shots of the waves crashing onto the rocks.

By the way, I have no idea what that boat was doing, but it was out every day.  I never saw it come in.  It pops up in a few more shots, including the banner image.  I realized I should have a tripod, so I took the scenic route back to the resort.

Paradise locked down

There were three towers at my resort (Royal Kona if anyone is wondering), and none of them had roofs over them.  They all had open courtyards in the middle of them.  Mine had a Koi pond with two trophy sized fish in it.  Being open like that exposed the fixtures to the elements and made them look pretty cool.  It also afforded me a chance to get a stairwell shot, which I like.

I put my bag on the bed, grabbed the keys and headed to Walmart.  I spent $17 on a crappy little tripod, ran back and made my way to the shoreline.

Come back tomorrow for part two, and if any of these images strikes your fancy email me about getting a print

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