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Hawaii Trip part 2: The Quickening

So a few weeks ago I went to Hawaii.  It was a rather hastily planned trip, but such is life when you’re young.  I brought my camera body, two lenses and a flash, some extra memory cards, batteries and a battery charger.  I ended up with over 1200 photos, a wicked sunburn and an empty wallet.  Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat.  Would I do it differently?  You bet.  I would stay longer and budget more money for the trip.  Anyway, here’s the second of five posts this week about the trip.  This day I wandered by myself, and met the locals.

The original plan was to go to the volcano, but not even half way there we had to turn back.  She gets altitude sickness and going from sea level to 1500 feet rather quickly set it off.  I dropped her off, then went out on my own.

I passed this stretch of beach a lot.  It was a little stretch of white sand, with palm trees and some rocks.  When you think of a beach in a tropical paradise, you think of this beach.  I took my shoes off, sat in the sand and hung out for about half an hour.  It was nice and relaxing.  After that I went back to the resort, hung out then went exploring.

I told you the church was going to make more apparences.

That’s a plaque on the sea wall.  If something is ever dedicated in my memory, I’d like it to be something like that: useful, big but so big it just fades into the background.

Lots of colorful outrigger canoes.  It was pretty cool to see these up close, I never noticed how colorful they are.

The canoes were hanging out by a hotel with a semi-private beach.  I say that because I had to walk through a gate and there was a kiosk.  Nobody asked any questions, so I kept on walking.  I saw the log frame structure.  What it is is beyond me, but it was cool.  I ended up staring at it for about half an hour.  Then I moved on to the thatched building.  Again, no clue as to what it is but I saw the signs so I elected to take some photos and not mess with going past them.

This guy saw me as I was walking towards the main drag.  He asked if I was gonna take his picture, and I said yeah!  Gotta love random locals like this.

Little birdie, vast ocean.

Local, indigenous street art.

Part three tomorrow.  Again, if you’re interested in purchasing a print of any of these email me and I can get you a price

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