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Hawaii Trip part 3: Walking Away

So a few weeks ago I went to Hawaii.  It was a rather hastily planned trip, but such is life when you’re young.  I brought my camera body, two lenses and a flash, some extra memory cards, batteries and a battery charger.  I ended up with over 1200 photos, a wicked sunburn and an empty wallet.  Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat.  Would I do it differently?  You bet.  I would stay longer and budget more money for the trip.  Anyway, here’s the third of five posts this week about the trip.  This day I wandered by myself, and met the locals.

This was a day of more wandering around, which is arguably the best way to see anyplace you visit.  I ate a quick breakfast, grabbed my bag and headed out the door.  I didn’t drive at all this day, which was rather nice.

That’s what my tower looked like.  I’m doing my best to copy Weston Colton with the pictures I shot of the tower.  He’s really good.

This is a gate in front of another sacred spot.  This spot happened to be on a rather busy road.  It was very well maintained considering where it sits.

Beach front property.  I was a little afraid whoever slept there was going to find me taking pictures and kick the crap out of me.  A bit of danger makes everything more exciting and better.  This, by the way, was about 200 yards from the police station.  Beach bums do not care!

Do you?  This little shopping mall had a few stores with quality signs.  It also had a store full of that Dead Sea stuff.  My companion and I were abducted and held captive by them for fifteen minutes while they gave us their schpeel.

It also had this: an old tower.  This was a microcosm of the whole town (city? village?  What do you want me to refer to you as Kailua-Kona?!?): Old and new happily co-existing practically on top of each other, with nature occupying the rest of the space.

Since it is an island in the Pacific, where undersea seismic activity can cause tsunamis which are very bad, you see these signs everywhere.  My favorite part of these signs are the little man either running away from the killer wave, or head long into it.  I had to take all of four steps to take these pictures because the signs are on the backs of each other.

They’re not exactly interchangeable…  I almost got hit by a Jeep while taking this.  Might not have been worth it, but it would’ve been a cool story.

Pretty flowers on top of a natural rock wall on my way back to the hotel.  This was across the street from the sea wall.  You couldn’t escape anything picturesque.

I have a thing about people walking.  Especially touristy looking people.  The fact that they were walking in front of a pale blue ocean made it imposible to resist.

At this point I am still about a mile away from my hotel, and taking my sweet time getting back.  Will I make it back?!?  Well, obviously I did.  But what did I see on my way back?  Come back tomorrow and see.

Like what you see?  Want it on the wall of your house, office or whatever?  Email me and I can quote you a price on getting a print made of any of the photos in this series.


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