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Hawaii Trip part 4: Meandering Back

So a few weeks ago I went to Hawaii.  It was a rather hastily planned trip, but such is life when you’re young.  I brought my camera body, two lenses and a flash, some extra memory cards, batteries and a battery charger.  I ended up with over 1200 photos, a wicked sunburn and an empty wallet.  Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat.  Would I do it differently?  You bet.  I would stay longer and budget more money for the trip.  Anyway, here’s the fourth of five posts this week about the trip.  This day I wandered by myself, and met the locals.

When we last left, I was walking back to my hotel and taking my merry sweet time doing so.  Why?  Because it was a vacation, number one, and I was too busy taking pictures!  I’m not sure when I’ll go back, but I will go back.  And speaking of going back, let’s get back to the story and pictures.

There are a ton of coffee shops all selling Kona coffee, a source of much pride on the island.  Another source of pride is the state flag.  It doesn’t really look like any other state flag, it reminded me of something I’d see flying over a British colony.  To be honest I didn’t really feel like I was in America.  It felt more like I was in a country that was a colony then gained its independence.  It was a cool feeling.

See the guy in the electric wheelchair?  I saw him about six times on the day.  He was a nice old guy just getting out of his house.

Some locals at a cross walk.  There were always at least two posted up here at all times.  Day, night; didn’t matter.  There were always a pair.

I saw him coming and I rushed to get set up for this one.  I’m a sucker for people walking, and people on scooters.

See?  Another person walking.  She’s looking out, seeing all of the ships.  Perhaps she’s contemplating her life, or perhaps she’s just walking towards town.  It’s a nice photo either way.

There are two things I’m going to point out here.  First: see that little spot int the clouds in the middle-right third of the frame?  Parasailor.  There was someone doing that constantly! Second: that little island looking thing is a little island looking thing.  It has a palm tree and a shack.  Beyond that I’m not sure what it is for.  I never got a good look at it, but it was cool that it was out there.

There was a shop selling shirts and stickers with drawings of different hip-hop artists on them.  They were all pretty cool.  Here Snoop and ODB are chilling on a sign.  I really wanted to steal this sign.

This was just up the alley from my hotel.  There was a breakfast and lunch spot, a coffee cart and a place called Don The Beach Comber.  I didn’t touch the flower at all.  Sometimes the best stuff just falls on to the ground in front of you.

And I finally made it back.  And I took another Weston-esque photo of the hotel.

And that was it for a while.  I had to bide my time until sunset.  It would be the last one I would see on the island and I was bent on getting some of the shots that were bouncing around in my head.  So I killed time by watching a Deadliest Catch marathon and eating a turkey sandwich.

With the magic hour approaching I stopped eating, grabbed my long lens and made my way down to the pool.  I grabbed a great spot, sat in a chair and started firing away.

Now at this point I need to mention that my resort had a luau a couple of nights a week.  This night was one of them.  There were a couple of hundred tourists having pulled pork and listening to the MC and the band and watching hula dancers.  Eventually the MC declared that everyone needed a break, so the entire luau joined me in watching the sunset.  And this is where I’m going to leave you.  Come back tomorrow for the exciting conclusion!  And pretty sunset pictures!

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