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Hawaii Trip part 5: fin

So a few weeks ago I went to Hawaii.  It was a rather hastily planned trip, but such is life when you’re young.  I brought my camera body, two lenses and a flash, some extra memory cards, batteries and a battery charger.  I ended up with over 1200 photos, a wicked sunburn and an empty wallet.  Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat.  Would I do it differently?  You bet.  I would stay longer and budget more money for the trip.  Anyway, here’s the last of the five posts this week about the trip.

My last sunset.  I had been wandering around all day, I was tired.  I had settled into a chair by the pool when the luau hosted by the resort let out.  Instantly I was surrounded by people drunk off alcohol and pork.  It wasn’t bad, they stayed out of my way and allowed me to shoot mostly in peace.

The pool, was right on the shore.  Because thats how seaside resorts work.

One family did settle near me, and communicated with me…  Sort of.  Daughter was snapping photos with her iphone and kept complimenting me camera.  I was between her and her mom, who wanted to talk to her without getting in my way.  Considerate.  Dad was  working on what I can only assume wasn’t his first Coors Light.  He threw out some shot ideas, and some weren’t so bad.  Nice people.

The outriggers were out in force!

Yeah, there’s not too much to say.  It was beautiful, I was in awe.

Beware the flare

Golden hour on the little island!

And so the sun set on my trip.  It was great, and hopefully I will make the journey again.  I hope you enjoy the photos, and if nothing else I hope they inspire you to get out and have an adventure…  And email me about getting a print made of one of these 60 photos.

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