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Skate Sunday

Jeff Griffin, ollie over the bush to the second step

Met up with Jeff, Forrest, Tyler and Sam on Sunday and we skated around downtown Salt Lake.  Here’s what we got.

Forrest Huber, bump ollie over the can

We met up behind a grocery store, skated some red curbs, had an interesting conversation with a guy calling himself Puerto Rico, and then we left.  Jeff and Forrest found a grate and popped it up.  Jeff dragged over this garbage can and Forrest hopped over it.  We kinda/sorta got kicked out.  The guy told us to stay off the red bricks, but he was cool with us skating the bump.  We ended up leaving.

Forrest Huber, blunt to fakie

Next stop was the brick banks.  Fun spot and everybody ended up getting something.  Forrest kills it by the way.  This was the second time I shot with him, and he always had something for every spot.

Tyler, back smith

Tyler quietly killed it at the banks.  He also had a tweaker lady ask him why he was wearing a knit cap in the August heat.  Downtown is full of so many characters.

Jeff Griffin, blunt to regular

Jeff, team captain of the local chapter of Team Handsome and all around good egg, got himself a few things here.  He also almost fell into the sewer.  Word to the wise: when you prop something up to use as a pole jam, make sure there isn’t a four foot drop into the sewer underneath the thing you’re propping up.

Jovi and Glenn met up with us, Jovi got some tricks (no photos though, sorry), and then we decided to go to a deli…which was closed.  Oh well, such is life.

Sam, Jeff and Tyler

Forrest and Sam

Not sure how hyped Sam was I shot this one…

Twas a good Sunday.  Would’ve been better if the deli was open or if I didn’t have to leave before the crew went to the library, but oh well.  There might be next week.

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