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Memory Grove portraits

My friend sent me some pictures she and her friend shot of themselves at Memory Grove.  They were pretty cool for iPhone pictures, but not quite show worthy.  So we grabbed my stuff and went to reshoot!

I had never really been to Memory Grove, and apparently I was the only Salt Lake photographer who hadn’t.  There were a few other photographers (a family getting portraits done and a young lady getting photos done ahead of her Quinceañera.  We stayed out of each others’ way), and people just enjoying the park to contend with.  We made it work though.  We mainly shot at the Pagoda and the Meditation Chapel (which is the backdrop for the two previous photos).

This was a great spot, and versatile too.  We were there, doing awesomeness, during the magic hour of sunset.

Hair and make up?  Done by the lovely lady in the photos.

We had fun!  And we got some good shots to boot.


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