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Cellphone Sunset

The best camera is the one you have on you.  I’m 90% sure Chase Jarvis said that.  Either him, or another awesome photographer.

My brother moved over the weekend, and I (because I’m a sucker and had nothing better to do) helped him clean his new place.  It was filthy, but thats neither here nor there.  It was also stormy, hence the dramatic colors.  I didn’t want to clean (not my house, why would I want to?) so I started snapping some photos with my iPhone.  That’s the creepy tree in his backyard.  The first photo is looking out of the window in his backdoor.

#nofilter!  Actually, there isn’t an Instagram filter on any of these.  I didn’t process any of these photos on my computer either.  Last weekend I went skating and Sam told me I could get Photoshop for free!  And not through some sketchy possibly ruin your computer/get arrested way!  As soon as I got home I downloaded the Photoshop Express app, and I put it through its paces instead of cleaning.  The app is free, and there are add ons; however, they cost money…like $5.  I have yet to get the add ons…

This is the storm door on his backdoor.  It has no screen and only half a window so it’s really just in the way.  The lack of a full window or screen did make this shot possible.  I noticed it AFTER I shut and locked the back door.  The backdoor that sticks…  The aggravation of fighting with the door was worth it for the colorful heart.

Some of my favorite photos were shot with my cellphones or my little Olympus XA2 film point and shoot.  A lot more of my favorite photos were shot with my big boy cameras, but lugging those guys around isn’t always feasible.  Don’t lament the fact that you only have your cellphone to shoot with.  Enjoy that you have something to shoot with.

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