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B Sides: Quin’s STi

Last week I shot a car for CAMautoMag.  Specifically this car:

But it wasn’t all about this car.  I snapped some random photos, and some shots of Trent, Dave and Quin as well

This is Quin.  Upon first look you might think he’s some VW driving hipster.  WRONG!  He owns the white STi.

Dave, looking into the sunset and contemplating our existence…  Or something like that

Trent; AKA fearless leader, AKA the video guy, AKA “Damnit get out of the way!!!”.  Him and I founded CAM a few years ago.

Dave and Trent reviewing the footage of Dave doing his little gait .

The beginning of every trip starts at mile one.  Actually it starts at zero, but there wasn’t a mile 0 post so we’ll just have to work with this.

Don a hat with a light and grab a caged canary.

Muggin hard, or hardly muggin?

We did some rolling shots (SPOILER ALERT!: mine didn’t really turn out) and afterward we pulled over to look at the video Trent shot.  I shot this while still dragging the shutter pretty hard.  Those ghostly figures you see are Trent (in the headlights) and Quin (behind the car)

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