© 2012 MChandler Solitude Camry Shoot-18

Tailored Camry

So a while ago Trent and Joey grabbed me and we went up to Solitude and shot photos fo Randy Do’s stupid stanced Camry.

I’m not a huge fan of stanced cars.  I feel that if you’re going to modify your suspension you should do it so you can go around corners stupid fast, sideways, or so you can haul your self down the quarter mile faster.  But I was in the minority, and Randy was down to barge in that thing so him and his get a pass in my book.

Some kid came in hot through one of Trent’s shots!  Kid did not care at all.

Case and point: he took it up this rocky, gravel road.

He also ripped off his lip and had to pull his bumper off.


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