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The SEMA Trip

Week before last I, along with Trent, made our annual trek to Las Vegas for the SEMA show.  It’s a thing we do for CAMautoMag.  All the photos from the show are up on the CAM Facebook page, but here are some I shot that won’t be up there.

We think we’re hilarious, so we fired up a GoPro for the drive down.  Not 100% sure any audio made it, but there’s probably hours of weird video!

This is in the Nevada desert.  At least I’m pretty sure it is.  Once you get out of the Virgin River Gorge (where that first photo was taken) you get spit into Arizona for a few miles, then you hit Nevada.  Surprisingly that stretch of Arizona is completely and utterly flat and desolate.

This is definitely Nevada, after Mesquite.  It gets curvy for some stretches, but thats just to avoid things like this.

Vegas has traffic all the time.  This was not in Vegas.  We were stuck here for about half an hour, but I made the most of it.

And then we were at the show.Like I said, CAM Facebook page for those pictures.  Tommy flew in and was with us the rest of the week and for the drive home.  T’was a good time.

Trent lined up this: a bagged MkV Rabbit.  He had to shoot it before we left.  Tommy and I spent time throwing rocks at pieces of rebar; breaking only to shoot photos, Instagram, and drive the CC.

Not a bad car, not really my cup of tea, but definitely not bad.

Then we got ice cream and we left.  And that was the trip.

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