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Global Rally Cross Las Vegas

So it turns out we could get into GRC with our SEMA Media badges.  Yay for ducking expensive tickets!  Boo for not being able to shoot trackside.

That last part makes sense, to a point.  For the most part I was stuck behind a chain-link fence, which I didn’t really have an issue with.  What was a problem was when people without vests, or even media badges, got trackside while I got denied.  

I had a spot by the starting line, which was cool.  I got to see the cars lining up, and that was about it.  When it go to be go time there was a crowd between me and the action.

When I’d try to get over there I’d get denied.  I’m used to getting denied, it’s how my everyday life goes.  What bugs me is everyone with a point and shoot or their iPhone could get behind the fence, while I got denied.  

I still managed to get down, but I’m still bothered by it.

Also Ken Block’s car started on fire.  Hence the sad walking away picture.


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