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December Photo a Day

Instagram and Twitter are being flooded with December Photo A Day posts, so I figured I’d get in on this!

Unlike those photo a day deals, mine doesn’t have any rules.  It’s just a photo a day until January 1.  And I’m not posting a photo every day, just Monday thru Friday so Mondays will have the photos from the weekend and Friday will have Thursday’s and Friday’s photo posted.  Those are my rules!  That said, here are my first two entries:

On a little bookcase in my bedroom I have some empty liquor bottles and the stein I bought at Oktoberfest.  I was drinking that beer, and I decided to take pictures of the bottles and stein.  This ended up being my favorite, it reminds me of a mug shot.

Last night I was walking up the stairs and I was looking at the light coming in from all the windows and decided to finally take a picture of them.  I’ve been saying I was going to shoot a photo of them for months, and here we are.

A new one tomorrow folks!

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