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Tommy the Music Icon

My friend Tommy is a social media freak.  He’s on all of them: twitter, facebook ,instagram, vine, voxer all under the name tommyw00t.  He’s also big into music, and he’s in mutual followships on some of his various networks with members of Sparks The Rescue, The Young Electric, The Downtown Fiction, Four Letter Lie, Meg & Dia, We Are The In Crowd, Go Radio, and Interscope is following him.  (You should give him a follow too)

Tommy Music Icon photo Michael Chandler-5

Because of all of this Twitter decided that he needs to be verified.  To do that he needs a website, and all good websites dedicated to one person have a ton of pictures of that person on it.  So we decided to go out and snap some album cover quality photos.  The following are a combination of natural light shots, studio natural light shots, and nighttime on camera flash shots.

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