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Firearm Series: Bobby


This is my friend Bobby, and he was the most opinionated person who took part in this series to date.  

Firearm Series Bobby Michael Chandler-3


He’s one of the few people I know who open carries.  If you’re not used to seeing a guy walking around with a gun on his hip then you will (understandably) be somewhat freaked out; however, Bobby will point out that he’s gone through training with his weapon and that he’s following the law to the letter regarding open carrying.  I’ve grown used to it, so I’m not bothered at all because he has it on him damn near all the time.

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He his the person that I, if I had any real say in this conversation, would stick out in front.  He’s beyond reasonable and sensible about this subject.  After this shoot we went and got breakfast for lunch and we had an extensive conversation about everything: new laws, existing laws, the ATF, bans, etc.  Unfortunately I didn’t record or take notes during this long talk, but if you’re really wanting to hear his opinions we can get him on tape.

Firearm Series Bobby Michael Chandler-2


I did get him to answer three questions over Facebook, so you will get his views on them but honestly that doesn’t really scratch the surface of his views and opinions.

Do you think gun control is as black and white issue as it’s being made out to be, or is there a happy medium we can reach?

“I believe that with enough deliberation and actual thinking, we can reach a conclusion but the gun issue that we’re currently facing is in no way a black and white ordeal.”

Do we need to ban some types of weapons and magazines?

“There is no reason to ban any magazine capacity, or style of weapon. The semi-automatic AR-15 platform was simply made a scapegoat because it can be personalized to ones taste using Mil-Spec equipment and made to look scary to those who have no idea what they’re looking at.”

Should we pass more legislation regarding guns, or do we need to enforce the laws already in place?

“This is where I’m mixed on this, I think we (the law abiding citizens) could be fine with simply enforcing the laws in place but, also looking into someones past history of violence or mental illness, say as a juvenile, would drastically decrease the amount of shootings we see all too often.”

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