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Firearm Series: Trent


In this installment of the Firearm Series we talk to Trent, a new father who picked up a .22 pistol for a little added piece of mind.

Trent firearm series Michael Chandler-1


Why did he purchase his firearm?

Home Defense.

Why that particular pistol?

No experience with firearms.  He decided to start with something small so he can get used to it, and then move on to something larger.  Baby steps.

How much did he spend?


Is this his only gun?  Does he have plans for more?

Just the one right now, but maybe more after he gets the handle of it.

Do you think gun control is as black and white issue as it’s being made out to be, or is there a happy medium we can reach?

“I think there is a happy medium. I think both sides are looking at extremes and there needs to be a middle ground.”

Do we need to ban some types of weapons and magazines?

“I don’t feel the need to introduce bans per se.”

Should we pass more legislation regarding guns, or do we need to enforce the laws already in place?

“Current laws need to be enforced and we need to focus more on training and psychological aspects.”

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