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LaRoux Wedding Reception


I had an opportunity to shoot photos of a wedding reception on assignment.  I had no idea who these people were, all I had was a name on an invoice and an address.  It ended up being a rather touching experience. 

I was stressing out.  I’ve never done a wedding reception before.  I’ve heard horror stories about how people have ended up throwing money away on a cheap photographer who left them with a few terrible photos of one of the biggest moments in their life.  I didn’t want to be that guy.

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It was a small reception, mostly family, in the gym at a ward house.  It wasn’t an extravagant affair, most of the decorations were done by the extended family members.  Old family pictures were placed on a stage, and the cake (done by someone’s sister if I remember right) was sitting on a little table in front of the stage.

Laroux Reception Michael Chandler-91


Devin, the blushing bride, asked me to take as many photos as I could but not necessarily of her and her new husband.  She wanted a bunch of photos of the family members because those were things she wanted to remember.  So, I happily obliged.

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I still got the traditional photos, but after those it turned into a party.  And after the party ended I gave them the invoice, an invoice for zero dollars.  My presence and these photos were a gift from the person who hired me.  After the tears were wiped away I was presented with plates of food (awesome, home made pastries and a slice of the cake) and I went on my way.

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