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MMP Racing Schools Bonus

A month or so ago I went out to Miller Motorsports Park with CAM to shoot some photos of the Mustangs and Raptors they use for their various schools.  As with any story there are more photos than what end up in the story.  Here’s what wound up missing the cut.

MMP Mustangs Michael Chandler-3One of the Mustangs parked up against a garage door, waiting to get out and shred some tarmac.

MMP Raptors Michael Chandler-10Jason, our host and friend, kicking up a little snow.  Nothing crazy, just spinning the tires on some crusty snow.

MMP Mustangs Michael Chandler-13There was a garage full of BOSS Mustangs, including one signed by Parnelli Jones.  None of the three in this picture are that Mustang.

All in all three of my twenty-three photos wound up in the article, a fourth is in there but that was actually shot for a different story but worked for this one as well.  Here’s a gallery with all of my photos that didn’t make the cut


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