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NASA Racing March 30, 2013

Twas the first race weekend of the NASA season, and I shlepped myself around Miller Motorsports Park for about eight hours to snag some photos for CAM.  There are more on the CAM Facebook page

NASA Racing March 30 2013 Michael Chandler-1


There were three things happening when cars were out on the track: people were racing for position, people were trying to set fast laps, and people were out with instructors so that they could go on to race for position or to set fast laps.  The first photo is of one of the racing for position groups.

NASA Racing March 30 2013 Michael Chandler-2More people racing for position

NASA Racing March 30 2013 Michael Chandler-3This is a Radical.  Its a small, British built track toy.  Radical was out doing some marketing, so they had their own photographer out there just to shoot photos of these and they had a tent set up with catering in the paddock.

NASA Racing March 30 2013 Michael Chandler-4This is a person out with an instructor.  That instructor being my friend Greg.  He normally races, but today he was asked to help out with instructing.

NASA Racing March 30 2013 Michael Chandler-5And this is someone setting fast laps.  Sally, pink helmet and all, was fastest in her class in a car she drove down from Wyoming.

The next race weekend is April 20, and I encourage everyone to come out and watch.  Tickets are I think $5 or $6.  You can get up close to these privateers, talk to them, and if that bores you they have go karts you can race in




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