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Mother’s Day Gift

I, like many of you, used to space on a Mother’s Day gift.  There are only so many times you can buy flowers that die in a week or make up that runs out.  Why not give her something that’ll last longer?

Cafarelli Kids' Mothers Day Michael Chandler Photography-15Whitney called me up with such a plan.  She wanted to have some pictures of her and her sister and brother done so they could give them to her mom for Mother’s Day.  After some planning and waiting (thanks Utah spring!) we headed up to Memory Grove and got to work.

Cafarelli Kids' Mothers Day Michael Chandler Photography-7I’ve been giving my mom photos for a couple years now.  I think it’s brilliant because it’s a photo of you, her child, doing something special for her.  It lasts a lot longer than some flowers, it’s something she doesn’t have to wait for an “occasion” to wear (like jewelry or fancy perfume) and it’s something you have to put some effort in to.  Example: the three of us traversed the park a couple of times, and hiked up to the state capitol before calling it a day.

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There are a little over three weeks until Mother’s Day.  This isn’t a project that will take all of that time, but it can’t wait until the last minute either.  Times are available, so call me at (385) 204-3686 or email me at michael@michaelchandlerphotography.com or contact me through the Facebook page and we can get this done for mom!


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