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Ryan and Kachina Engagements


My friend Ryan is getting married!  He asked me to shoot the engagements and the wedding itself.  They drove down to Salt Lake, unknowingly brought me an assistant, and put up with my ideas and general lack of direction

Kachina and Ryan proofs Michael Chandler Photography-2


Our first stop was Memory Grove, where I’ve been a few times before for photos.  What was different about this trip was the meditation building was open.  We popped in and snagged a few shots and then made our way through the rest of the park and eventually up in to the Federal Heights neighborhood.

Kachina and Ryan proofs Michael Chandler Photography-10


It’s an old neighborhood, and a very wealthy one as well.  At the end of the day though, it’s still a neighborhood complete with a church and a park.  We stopped by the park and got a few quality photos.  We also watched some ill fated attempts by the bride’s groom to climb a tree.  This was the last stop of the day.  On the drive back I had the bride to be pick out her favorites and then we went our separate ways.

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