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Family Christmas Photos

I used to work in retail, and by doing that I met a bunch of people.  Most of those people don’t recognize me, because I’m no longer wearing a uniform.  The people who do recognize me are the people I used to work with, and they know I left for the greener pasture that is making a living doing something I love.

V Christmas Photos

A former co-worker had been talking about getting family photos done for years, but the problem is her family is spread out across the country.  It was looking like nothing would ever happen, but then everyone decided to trek to Utah to visit her and her husband.  Time for photos!

V Christmas Photos_5I packed up my gear, went over to her daughter’s home and shot photos of everyone for about 40 minutes.  By this time the child was tired and fussy, and was no longer feeling the model vibe. This shoot ended up costing $100, mostly because of last minute time frame changes, and I had the photos done and to my former co-worker within two days.

Spring is coming up, and I know plenty of you are eager to update those family photos.  My schedule is wide open, so get a hold of me and let’s get something on the books!


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