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Chop City’s Coconut Curry Plate

It was cold and gray as I pulled into the RC Willey parking lot.  Now, normally I drive past the furniture store without a second look; however, this day I was on my way to try Chop City’s new Thai Plate.Chop City Taste Test Michael Chandler Photography-5

The Chop City guys asked their Instagram followers to comment on a photo of the new Thai Plate, and they were going to choose 5 lucky people to come try it.  I was one of those lucky few.

They were at a Food Truck roundup at the RC Willey, along with some other local favorites (Q4U, Cupbop, Matterhorn) and food truck fans from all over.  The cold weather couldn’t keep the people away from the food trucks.

Chop City Taste Test Michael Chandler Photography-6 Chop City Taste Test Michael Chandler Photography-4 Chop City Taste Test Michael Chandler Photography-3

Their truck is pretty recognizable: red background with a mountainous skyline and a view of downtown Salt Lake layered upon it.  Their trademark chef’s knife and fork logo are all over the truck, along with a few decals displaying their love of bacon.

Chop City Taste Test Michael Chandler Photography-7

I walked up to the window and told Chef Geoff that I was one of the lucky five followers, and he gladly hooked me up.  He asked me if I liked curry and told me that since he eats it all the time, he figured he should try it out on the truck.  Soon a black stryofoam box emerged, and it was filled with amazing.

Chop City Taste Test Michael Chandler Photography-1 Chop City Taste Test Michael Chandler Photography-2

The sauce was fantastic, just spicy enough and not overly sweet.  It didn’t overpower the peppers or chicken.  The potatoes and bamboo shoots were tender, but not mushy.  And there was so much food!

They’re a food truck, so they’re not always in the same spot.  Thankfully for all of us hungry mobile folk, they post where they’re going to be on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.  Follow and like them to find out where you can get your bacon fix!




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