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KRCL Radiothon

Twice a year, KRCL holds Radiothon.  During Radiothon they solicit donations from listeners like you and I so they can keep programming like A Little Bit Louder Now, Smile Jamaica, Sagebrush Serenade, Maximum Distortion and The Thursday Night Psych Out on the air.  As you may have guessed, Radiothon is happening right now.

Everyone involved with Radiothon is donating something.  Listeners donate money, local restaurants donate food to feed the volunteers, who are volunteering their time and, more often than not, money to the station.  Since I have no money to donate, I went down to the station with my girlfriend and some of our friends, and spent some time answering phones and taking pledges.


Ok, so I didn’t answer any phones.  I spent my time taking photos and chatting with the volunteers between phone calls.  Are you happy??


There was quite the cast taking phone calls.  The fellow above is Charlie.  He kept a running total of funds raised, and what thank you gifts were remaining.  Occasionally they have a limited run gift, or something far more popular than the others.  This time a black light poster (because Psych Out) and the A Little Bit Louder Now T-Shirts were the hot ticket items.


This is Seth.  He was Mr. Johnny On The Spot with the phone calls.  During the various shows, they set up challenge goals.  You know, we want to raise X number of dollars in X amount of time.  Well, as soon as a challenge was thrown down a donor called in and donated a hefty sum.  He then informed Seth that if the goal was met, he would kick in ANOTHER hefty sum.  Did they meet the goal?  Yes they did!


This is Floyd.  He’s one of Seth’s friends, and he was in a race to answer phones with Seth.  He wasn’t doing so hot in that endeavor, but still took a decent number of calls before he left.


And this is… Tom?  Crap…  I’m not so hot with names, but I never forget a face.  He was taking some pretty nice donations.


Back in the studio, Mike was playing the hits (ok maybe not hit hits, but it was some quality psychedelic rock) and thanking donors.


By the end of it, The Thursday Night Psych Out had hit their show goal.  There was much rejoicing, but Radiothon is not over.  The last day is Sunday, so there is plenty of time to get your donations in!  You can click one of the many, many links I have dropped in this post, or call toll free



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